For many centuries Russian people had been looking to the North dreaming of better life. A lot of Russian scribes and preachers considered there should be happy and blessed country, equal to heaven on earth:
On the distant lands, beyond the great lakes and high mountains, there is the blessed place, where justice is flourishing. There the Highest Knowledge and the Highest Wisdom are living. Rescue for all future mankind.

Ancient legends of many nations witness that their distant homeland is located for to the North. Archeological and pagan KARELIAN CULTURAL ARTIFACTS tell about the existence of Hyperborean culture, located on the North in ancient times, partly disappeared, partly dissimilated in traditions, images and beliefs of the contemporary nations. Beginning from the Stone Age, on the Karelian territory the strong cultural tradition to worship rocks and stones took place. This cultural tradition took birth from the Dead Cult worship in Pegrema, existing from then for a long time at different nations, inhabiting Northern Karelia and Zaonezhsky Peninsula, until Middle Ages. This tradition is pictured nowadays with such significant archeological artifacts as PEGREMA.

There are cave drawings, remained on the rocky shores of the Onega Lake. Besov Nos - in ancient times there was sanctuary of the dead, which united this world and another. To the opinion of the scientists, Karelian petroglyphs were created in 3rd – 2nd Millennium B.C. ONEGA PETROGLYPHS – cave drawings of the ancient people, including many images of solar-unary nature. There is opinion that Onega petroglyphs in complex are the kind of the lunar calendar, with the cycle of 18,6 years. In this connection the legend about Hyperboreans can be remembered, according to which they used to give tributes to their gods every 19 years.

Mysterious and cryptic Northern lands are not fiction of the ancient people, it is live reality, secret road to which was just lost by our grandfathers and fathers:

Magic cliffs of Valaam, looking as hand-made solids, recently were island in oceanic bay at the Hyperborean coast. Northern Ladoga saved ancient contours of this bay. According to the Church Legend, this northern island was blessed by St. Andrew the Apostle, during his mission in Hyperborea, as this territory of our country was called at that times. On Valaam St.Andrew told the prophecy about the future greatness of Russia.

The similar place seemed to be the granite monolith of SOLOVKI Islands. Similar but not the same. That is why mystic feelings of the northern monks gave them many holy names:

Northern Aphon – for the arcane Valaam and New Jerusalem – for severe Solovky Isalnds.

Karelia – the land full of undiscovered secrets and miracle mysteries.

To discover them is to understand our past and present.

Northern forests are intimate places, with deep blue blueberry, red bilberry and mushrooms hiding in dense grass. Lakes full of fish, with clear water, air with honey smell, northern sun, not too bright and hot, reflecting on the lakes’ surface as pale disc. For a long time monks roamed in these northern wilderness, seeking for godly places and putting crosses on the pagan temples at the shores of rivers and lakes. Then they constructed chapels and churches instead of these temples, followed by silent, prayful life of monk. Saints moved to deep Karelian forests to build Heavenly City.

Karelian region – is one of the most popular Russian places for pilgrimage. Forgotten paths, covered with grass, leading to the holy places, are treaded over and over again.




Karelia – land-keeper!

Besides industrial views, you will for sure find the traces of the past, inimitable life, which once upon a time put down roots in this place:

Distinctive Karelian villages, where immortal runes of Kalevala had emerged.
Spacious villages of Zaonezhje – keepers of the Russian legends, encouragers of the nameless constructors, which had created masterpieces well-known all over the world.
One could hear here ancient Karelian tale, inimitable Zaonezhje round-dance.
National traditions and customs are maintained here.
One could often hear Karelian speech here.

ZAONEZHJE – fragment of the past, which saved ancient Russian epos, traditional way of life of the northern villages and artifacts of the wooden church construction. Age of the unique Zaonezhje villages is above 5 000 years. Types of these villages’ construction give examples of perfect carpenters’ skills, local carpenters were well-known far from the Zaonezhje limits. Due to the beauty of these buildings, naturally united with splendid landscapes, travellers called Zaonezhje Russian Rome. There are about 300 historic and cultural artifacts on the territory of Zaonezhje.

Historic and architectural ensemble – Kizhsky Graveyard

In Karelia there are places, where there is rare intimate spirit, where nature keeps its primeval appearance.

Vodlozersky National Park – clear lakes, natural pine forests and swamps, inhabited by the original taiga residents, including rare and endangered species. Three elements rule there – water, wild forest and swamp. In 2001 under the decision of UNESCO the park received status of biospheric reservation, first in the Russian system of national parks. Unique culture of the local citizens keep traces of pre-Slavonic cultures: sacred islands, holy trees, cultic stones – seita, legends, toponymy. In Vodlozero mane artifacts of the historic and cultural heritage are saved – Angels’ Mountain – place where people of Vodlozero saw angel in fire, Chapel of Dmitry Solunsky on the top of Angels’ Mountain. The most significant artifact of the park is considered to be ancient Ilyinsky Graveyard, located on the single-standing in the middle of Vodlozero. Before the graveyard there was pagan sanctuary, remains of it could be seen at the present time. Like in ancient times, Ilyinsky monastery remains spiritual center and main orthodox holy place of Vodlozero.

We invite you in the land of white nights!

Read the messages of our ancient ancestors on the Onega Lake rocks, dive in the antiquity, get acquainted with history and culture of this amazing land!!!