Light of the primeval Orthodoxy, which has passed through centuries, light of 50 islands on the Ladoga Lake’s palm.

History of Valaam Monastery is hidden in centuries.
Sheer cliffs above water, harmony and perfection of the churches, high pine forests and mystery of ancient sketes in their depth… - Valaam Monastery
Here the sky beauty is the seeable implementation of the spiritual beauty.
Many times the monastery was burn to ashes, and sad writings in Russian annals said: Now is empty…
But time after time the monastery was reappearing from ruins under God’s will.
Earth transfiguring and enlightenment – that is the Valaam’s great mission.
The monastery not only turned Ladoga rocks into bloomy garden – kind of Garden of Eden – it also can change human souls in marvelous and mystical way.
Ring of the Valaam bell is heard above Ladoga, following by the bells in revived sketes, and forests, paths and the whole Valaam land, are blessed again by the prey.

The whole Russian land is blessed by the prey…