Magic mountain, attracting lightnings.

gIt is well-known that Karelians, Veps and Saami were ancestors of the present time Karelian people. Careful attitude to the sighs of nature had been kept here for a long time – to polar lights, snow storm, lake storm and so on. Northern people saw the signs of doom in these demonstration of natural power. Sapen Mountain is the place of Power. It is praised in Kalevala runes, Karelian-Finnish epos. In is the mountain, where the iron rain fell from the sky. In ancient times cult pagan ceremonies had been carried out with victims to the God of Fire. Ancient people used to worship where the Sky had sent iron to them. They set ritual fires, and the Sky answered to them sending iron arrows of lightning to the top of the mountain. Here the trees grow with roots up. There is Sacred Grove here, with 600 years old trees. Moraines are the artifacts of the Ice Age. Under foots is the moss carpet, there is a lot of cepes around, but they are not picked.
Besides burnt trees there are monster-shaped stones, chaotically fallen trees, giant pines with scale-like bark on them and branches growing parallel to the ground. These pines also almost have no tops.
Calmness and silence rule here. This is place of Power. Place of ancient energy.

1There is another strange mountain in Karelia – Vottovaara, or Death Mountain. Similarity of these two mountains is discovered: both keep traces of tectonic activity on their tops – stone blocks with cracks, risen and fallen stones and a lot of different boulders.

Picnic on the shore of the forest lake, at the fishers’ encampment.