Nature of Karelia, region of forests, lakes and rocks, is harsh, awful and beautiful.

Stone is joint to water, water – to forests.

Unrepeatable Karelian landscapes appear from the infinite combinations of these elements.
Blue lakes with numerous islands, wild river rapids and silent pools, endless forests and rock chains.

9Short and fast river are bowling in boulders, with their waters falling from rock ledges by dense foamy walls of waterfalls. Kivach waterfall is the most famous Karelian waterfall. Waters of Suna river, closed by basalt rocks, fall from highness of 11 meters by heavy casted streams, forming powerful foamy waterfall.

It was founded by Gavriil Derzhavin, the first governor of Olonets region, in 1785. While getting acquainted with the region’s lands, he was the first of the famous people who visited Kivach waterfall – impetuous, foamy, stone-like – and praised it in his lyrics and odes, making it famous in the whole Russia.


1All famous travellers, who visited Petrozavodsk, also visited this waterfall, which created some pleasant horror.
Legends about the waterfall are wonderful and beautiful.

Nowadays the waterfall has lost its former power and strength.

But, as well as in recent times, thousands of tourists come to the waterfall to obey its charming beauty and become the silent witness of the eternal struggle between two elements –

Water and Stone

Kivach is beautiful in every season.

In winter it is like sleeping snowy giant, with cloud of steam rising from his heavy breath. Snowy firs, like eternal guardians, guard its quietude.