Excursion in Petrozavodsk

Karelia is the special place of the Russian North.
This region is full of undiscovered secrets and wonderful riddles.
Traces of ancient fairytales, myths, legends and stories lead to the very northern edge of the Earth. Here, to the ancient mansion of legendary giant heroes.

3We invite you to make interesting trip to Petrozavodsk – capital of Republic of Karelia. History of the streets, buildings, squares and parks will let you get acquainted with 300 years of the history of the city. Here, on the land of ancient Kalevala, by the order of Peter the First, the first weapon factories were constructed, where descendants of Ilmarinen, the blacksmith, conqueror of steel and creator of wondering Sampo Mill, used to forge glory of the Russian army and navy, casting out best Russian canons, anchors, gonnes, rifles, swords and pistols.

You will see famous architectural ensemble of the Round Square, visit Governor’s Garden, see monument of Peter the First, founder of the city. You will visit Alexander Nevsky Church, get acquainted with the saints of Karelia.

New Year reception will take place in your honor in the Governor’s House.
You will be met by the hospitable owners – Governor and his wife.




During the New Year days people of the old house become alive:
- Gentle nurse will tell you about secrets of the house
- Red-cheek wife of the merchant will help you to look into the future.
- Wisdom shaman will implement secret ceremony.

Invisible world of the creatures, to the opinion of the local people, is among us and perfectly matches Orthodox attitudes. The legend tells: There were two garrotes sailing across ocean and sea. One was white – God, another was black – Satan. To the God’s and Blessed Virgin’s words Satan took some earth from the bed of the sea. God created plain fields and places out of it, Satan – abysses and gullets. God stroke the stone – and the hosts of heaven emerged, Satan stroke the stone – and his army emerged.


Great war took place and the Satan’s army appeared on the earth. Who stayed in forest – became leshy, who stayed in water – became vodyanoy, who stayed in house – became hobgoblin, who stayed in banya – became baennik, who stayed in yard – became yard servant. So belief in numerous dark spirits is still strong.


In the Doll House, art gallery of Tatyana Kalinina, you will get acquainted with the world of bational legends. Base of the exposition is the collection of author’s dolls called Hobgoblins of Kizhi – pagan spirits of Karelia.



You will awaited by interesting story about pagan characters of the collection – hobgoblins, mermaids, lurkers.

You can also buy author-made talisman doll.

At the end of the excursion you will walk along Petrozavodsk Bank. This is the most beautiful place in the city. It is loved by citizens and guests of the capital.

Here is the ancient history, with roots in antique and mysterious Hyperborea, and modern age are getting alive in the unique collection of avant-garde sculptures and monuments – seitas, Wish Tree, Wave of Friendship, Thinking Reed, Mermaid and others.

By the guest’s will, there could be shop-tour at the end of the excursion.