8Holy Trinity Alexander Svirsky Monastery – one of the most ancient monk mansions of the Northern Russia lands.
By God’s favor Holy Russia obtained many holy hermits. Among them there is great beholder of the Holy trinity – Alexander Svirsky, the reverend. Only to him, one of the New Testament saints, God appeared as three Angels, like in Old Testament times to saintly Abraham.

God gave to the gentle and humble monk the special mercy – his hand was touched by the hand of God, raising the crouching saint from the earth.

This event is illustrated on many icons devoted to Alexander Svirsky in XVI-XVIII centuries.

The legend keeps the story, according to which God, appeared in three Faces, told Alexander to build temple in the name of the Holy Trinity. In Olonets region, in the forest of Svir desert, by the Holy Trinity benediction, in 1506 Alexander Svirsky has found the monk mansion –

Holy Trinity fratry.

Spiritual power of the saintly hermit was very high, he had spent 30 years in solitude, strict fasting and prayerful penance.

Saintly God’s men, who pleased him, from both Old and New Testaments, enlightened by Holy Spirit, had many sacred visions…

8During his life on Earth, Alexander, the reverend, had founded two temples: Holy Trinity Temple, by God’s will, and Temple of the Blessed Virgin Holy Protection. In the beginning of the construction of this temple, the Blessed Virgin itself with the Eternal Infant, surrounded by angels, came to the humble prayer – saintly Alexander and his follower, Athanasius. The Blessed Virgin told him to build the temple in her honor, and promised her protection of this mansion for all times.

Our ancestors knew about his spiritual power and his selectness by God.

Alexander was the famous Russian wonderworker.

Enemies of the Russian state were beaten by prayers to him (1522 – the Tartars, 1721 – the Swedes). By his protection the barren women were giving birth to their children, family conflicts were solved, by his prayers fishers’ nets were loading with fish, sick people had recovered.

Alexander was called Prayer for God and the Fisrt-Throned.

The history saved many witnesses about how Alexander Svirsky was respected by tsars, emperors and dukes.
Rulers respected Alexander Svirsky’s mansion much than other monasteries.
Boyars and barons from Moscow respected the mansion, and visited it many times, in spite of the farness, to say prayers at the Svirsky’s feretory.
The monastery had many benefiters from Moscow.
Svirsky monastery was as richly decorated as the monasteries in the more populated Russians regions, it was not only academy of piety but also place of the Christian beneficence.
In 18-19th centuries the monastery had name of Northern Laurel, it controlled 27 monasteries.
*/Alexander Svirsky, the reverend, didn’t participated in politics and diplomacy, as well as Sergius of Radonezh, but he also had many followers, who had founded new mansions. Following his death and sanctification in his homeland, Olonets region, 22 new monasteries were founded.
In the beginning of the 20th century, when the new rule came, which had struggled with religion, the mansion was devastated and closed, as well as all other Russian monasteries, its main sanctuary – hallows of Alexander Svirsky, the reverend, were arrested and removed under the military convoy in December, 1918.

During the time, in which the monastery Alexander Svirsky had founded it and lived here (1448-1533), there were many historical events, as important as the events in our state at the present time. It was the time of the Moscow state unity, strengthening and rising. All important events of the monastery life are connected with the important event of the whole Russian state at these times. The first acquisition of the Alexander Svirsky’s hallows had happened during the Michael Romanov’s rule, in 1641.

The tsar assumed it as the God’s benediction to rule.

8The second acquisition of the Alexander Svirsky’s hallows had happened in 30th of July, 1998 in Saint-Petersburg. Immortal hallows were discovered in anatomic museum of Military and Medicine Academy, where they had been lying since removal from the monastery.

23rd of November, 1998, with the bells telling, immortal hallows of Alexander Svirsky were returned to the ancient mansion, founded by him on his ancestors’ land. This land gave long host of saints to the world, and for centuries had been keeping Faith, Piety and worthy attitude to the Sacraments.

After 80 years Alexander Svirsky returned to his devastated mansion.
In 9 years of the prayers the mansion had magically transformed. Monastery buildings were renewed. Monastery life had resumed. After this, wall-painting of the Trinity Cathedral began to renew themselve. At the 500th anniversary of the mansion it was granted by the sixth copy of Turinese Coat.

Significant event of the monastery’s life was mirrh-spilling of the Alexander Svirsky’s hallows. Mirrh is bitter-tasting, agreeable aromatic ingredient of costly incenses. In Holy Bible it is the symbol of God’s mercy, peace and love.

And all who have different deadly afflictions, will recover by coming to his coffin and touching it with faith. And help comes: people get recovered, family conflicts are solved. The icons, applied to the hallows, are mirrh-spilling. Turinese Coat is mirrh-spilling. These news are fastly spread across the Earth, and thousands of pilgrims come to the far Northern lands, to the Svirsky’s mansion, to lower their heads towards the hallows of the God’s chosen one.

8There are many temples in the Holy Trinity’s honor in Russia.

But namely to this place so much attention is paid, so much prayers were spoken to God through the mediation of Alexander Svirsky, the reverend.r

Moscow keeps and resurrects memory about Alexander Svirsky.

Main temple of the capital – St. Basil’s Cathedral on the Red Square – initially was called as Holy Trinity Cathedral.
South-Eastern part (tsar-owned) part of the St. Basil’s Cathedral is sanctified in the honor of Alexander Svirsky.
During the rule of Michael Romanov the Temple of Kazan Icon of the Blessed Virgin was founded. There is part of the Alexander Svirsky’s hallows in it. So flesh of saintly Alexander is under protection of this icon.

Earnest protector of the Christians’ race.

From the middle of the 16th century the miraculous icon called Alexander Svirsky’s Image with Life and Miracles, is in the Kremlin’s Cathedral of the Assumption. There is no other icon with so many miniature brand marks, on which life and miracles of Alexander Svirsky are shown. The icon was created specially for the Kremlin’s Cathedral of Assumption in 1554-1557 in so-called Makar’s Workshop, and during the next century it considered miraculous. People prayed for it and brought rich grants to it as appreciation.
Grants became part of the icon: gold, silver, diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, rubies, pearls famous for their beauty, cleanness and shape.
Nowadays, after restoration, the icon is situated in the Cathedral of Assumption again, it placed above the feretory of Makarius the Enlightener, Moscow metropolitan, whose life had crossed with the life of saintly Svirsky.
Thus Alexander Svirsky is glorified in Moscow by foundation of temples in his honor, by miraculous icon and by parts of his holy hallows.
Unfortunately, we, leaving at the present time, are detached from the spiritual life of our ancestors. Their faith, hopes, their attitude to saints and sacraments.
Thanks God, Moscow has pure sources of memory, which help us to resurrect much of the forgotten.