FINNISH SAUNA 2 HOURS    before 22.00........1800 RUB/hour (group of 6)

                                                          after 22.00.......2800 RUB/hour

FINNISH SAUNA 2 HOURS   before 22.00.......250 RUB/hour (each additional person)

                                                    after 22.00......500 RUB/hour (each additional person)

The capacity of the sauna up to 10 people

SHEETS...........included in the price


They are not only spreading aromatic agents, pleasant for odor sense. They give also more powerful influence to body, brain and soul of the human beings, stimulate processes, oriented to recovery and improvement of well-being – harmonize, relax, calm, refresh, tone up.

SEA SALT….20 RUB/portion

Unique natural salt of the Dead Sea is mixture of 26 minerals and minor elements. Usage of salts helps to recover from weariness, it is used as relaxing mean for neurosis, insomnia, to improve blood circulation, to reduce muscle tension, to boost the tonus, to rise emotional background, working capacity and mood. Sea salt also gives regenerating and stimulating influence to skin, activating metabolic processes, enriching skin with minor elements and macroelements, improving skin elasticity.

For YOUR comfort:
Sheet…..150 RUB/a piece
Sneakers….20 RUB/a piece
Cap…..30 RYB/a piece

Sauna with karaoke – is the splash of energy and good temper

KARAOKE…..200 RUB/session

Using Finnish sauna means the following rules:

Before entering sauna one should take bath and dry oneself
One should sit or lie on the shelf in order not to be burn, using big towel or sheet
Legs should be positioned a little bit higher than head
One should breathe in sauna only by half-opened mouth and talk as few as possible
Duration of being in sauna for skilled persons is 2-3 times with 5-10 minutes pauses between them

There is no other effective way to put out cinders from body. It was also proved that sauna improves sleep: phase of deep sleep, which provides full rest, begins earlier and lasts longer, while phase of superficial sleep becomes shorter.

After sauna people, which entered it different, become happy. Sauna with karaoke – is the splash of energy and good temper.