Location: Republic of Karelia
190 km far from Petrozavodsk – capital of Republic of Karelia – to the north, on the north-eastern coast of Onega Lake, inside the pine forest.
27 km far from the local center – Medvezhjegorsk, with developed infrastructure
27 km far from the rail road station – Medvezhja Gora

How to get: by car

The road from:
Saint-Petersburg – 600 km
Moscow – 1 100 km

By the M18 highway until Medvezhjegorsk, then turn from Medvezhjegorsk to Povenets, 27th km from Medvezhjegorsk – banner of Bolshaja Medveditsa.

Location map

How to get: by railroad
All trains of the Murmansk direction: until Medvezhja Gora station
From Moscow – trains 016A, 212A, 234A, 242A, 382A
From Saint-Petersburg – 012A, 016A, 022CH

1. From Medvezhja Gora station there are small (up to 20 seats) regular buses, passing from the railroad station square to Povenets.
Time of delivering of Medvezhjegorsk-Povenets buses is:
6.30, 8.00, 10.10, 12,10, 13.00, 14.10, 16.00, 18.00, 20.20, 23.10
Bus cost – 27 RUB/person, time of trip – 20 minutes.
2. Taxi – cost of taxi – 300 RUB/taxi
3. We can meet organized groups with our own minibus by preliminary claim.