Hearty joy is waiting for you on the figured granite of the Onego, on the shore of the poorly populated Povenetsky Bay: clean air of the pine forest and the tasty artesian water. The Karelian nature will be discovered to you as it is: beautiful and joyful.

In the warm summer or autumn there is a lot of blueberry and red bilberry in the wide forests. If you are tempted by the blue lake wideness – we have necessary tools: fishing is to be successful. If you have feeling to take sweet bath – we have Russian banya (baths) and Finnish sauna - you can choose what you like.

The house doesn’t live without meal – you won’t be hungry. You can just wish – breakfast, dinner and supper will be prepared – we are good-skilled in food preparing. If you wish – we could prepare meet for the shashlick beforehand, in order for it to become smother to the due time.

In order for you not to be lost, we will tell about our Bolshaya Medveditsa in details. About each nook!

Our perfectly built houses are fashionably called cottages. Each cottage has its own amusing name: Malina (English Raspberry), Sozvezdie (English Constellation) and Potapich (Russian nickname for bear), and also summer-house called Medovoe Mestechko (English Honey Place). Malina has 6 decorated rooms, 4 rooms for 2 persons, the rest 2 are for 4 persons each. TV set, fridge and teapot are also included for convenience. The cottage also has 2 showers and 2 WCs. Additional beds are also possible. Sozvezdie and Potapich have 8 rooms, each for 2 persons. TV set, fridge and teapot are also included for convenience. WCs are in the each room. Additional beds are also possible. Also there is one common rest room, also available for games.

Accommodation in Malina, Sozvezdie and Potapich include breakfasts.

The camp has its own boiler station – you won’t freeze in the rooms.

The above-mentioned summer-house stands strictly on the lake shore. Here, in the Medovoe Mestechko, you can have picnic, or 2 persons can be accommodated here, including extra bed. TV set, fridge and teapot are also included for convenience, as well as the disposable tableware kit. If you wish, we could prepare foreign meal for you fondue, as it called.

By washing with natural water you will be admired by people and sun! that is why we offer our guests to accommodate in the tents inside the forest and fresh air – extreme and freedom! Packed meal and necessary tools are given by wish.